1914 WD Halley B35 truck

This is a project i have worked on myself for a number of years, found as a rotten living van and stripped of anything other than two front wheels, the basic chassis minus any castings or fittings, rear springs, rear axle and wheels.

Built in 1914 by Halley Industrial Motors, Glasgow, this was one of 800 B35 type trucks built for the War Department during WW1, this is the only known survivor of this type and one of only 14 known survivors of any of Halleys products.

After saving it from scrap in 2009, i then spent a few years researching and attempting to identify the remaining components, we were able to trace from photographic records and literature that the truck is a B35 Halley.

After many years i managed to collect 27 assembly drawings for this chassis showing most parts to be needed.

This project has had patterns, castings, ect made to replace all missing parts

For more details and progress from the begining of the project, please follow the link to the forum