15″ gauge 0.4.0 Baldwin

This Locomotive is one we completed some years ago (infact just shy of 10 years ago) this was brought in as an unfinished project of tender and basic running chassis, the drawings and castings coming from Hillcrest railroad CA.

We had to redeisign parts of this exsisting locos workings, mostly springing and brackets accociated with the springs, we were supplied with a boiler from the owner that was of different spec to the one the loco was originally designed to have fitted to her.

All the top of the loco was not to the drawings but based on a few different types of baldwin cabs of the 1890s to 1910 eara, the original spec for the cab was of wooden construction, it was decided to construct a steal riveted styled cab instead of the prototype wooden cab, also suiting better for a stove pipe chimney.

This lovely little giant turned out to be a great little locomotive, visually and pratical, all fittings were of commercial spec also making her nice and usable, adding to her being a real pleasure to drive, all the valves being fitted into the loco’s cab including the water controls from the tender and traditional styled pull back regulator.

We were very happy with how she turned out and how well this locomotive has run on different railways over the years, and with a little working wear and oil marks she really does look the part now.