WD sided bogie wagon

Recently finished at our works is this 10 1/4 gauge sided wagon based on a ww1 WD trench railways wagon for general service.

Designed to be a multi purpose wagon to carry loads from ballest to doubling up as a wagon\ carriage to carry passangers, this wagon has a rear opening door at each end that hinge downwards to the rail head, both doors can also be removed if rolling and dropping off, ballest, rail ect.

Width: 800mm Height: 700mm Length: 3m with floor height from rail head of: 300mm

fully welded steel chassis construction, resin bonded truck bed ply is used as the floor for hard wearing and hard wood side boards tongued together then bolted to steel angle uprights.

fitted with a central hand brake assembly mounted on the side of the wagon then rods running to both boggies for full braking and fitted with a through train pipe and quick release fittings to vac pipes on rolling stock or locomotive.

fitted with our heavy duty commecial, fully braked bogies with options on hand or vac braking.

This wagon design can be built with many options depending on required application, full drop sides, flat bed, end and side doors ect.